Line 6 Announce New Spider V Digital Modelling Amp

Tonally Evolved

Line 6's classic Spider range has been updated and lifted into a whole new realm with the Spider V modelling amp range, offering 200+ effects, amps and cabinet settings. Already marking their place in the digital guitar and amp design industry, the new Spider V opens a new chapter for Line 6 and fans alike.

Available as 30, 60, 120 or 240 amp units, the impressive Spider V holds a massive 200 presets comprised of digital guitar effects, cabinets and amp models that allow any combination to be created in up to eight groups. Another unique feature about the Spider V is that Line 6 have fitted the amp with over 100 chain presets that are modelled off famous songs and albums created by top guitarist.


Line 6 is aiming to bring their genre defining presets, modelled off various iconic tones, to fans soon. The refined appearance allows any player to easily access a wealth of sound, having more time to push creativity to its limit. The Line 6 Spider V allows ease of use with a modern design ready for any situation. At the moment, there’s only a finite amount of information that Line 6 have made public, but the company have released a demo run through which you can watch below.



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