Kurt Cobain's In Utero Mustang sells for almost $500,000

How About The Cardigan Though...

Three weeks ago, we reported that Kurt Cobain's famous Fender Mustang, prominently used on the In Utero tour, was headed to the auction block.

The auction went down over the weekend at Julien's in New York, and Cobain's Mustang ended up netting a pretty big sum - a whopping US $340,000. That rounds out to just under half a million in Australian currency ($496,785 to be precise), which is probably a similar amount to what you'd pay for a shoddily constructed and extremely dodgy one-bedroom apartment in the city. 



We're totally used to famous guitars like these fetching insane sums at auctions - I mean, David Gilmour's Black Strat sold for over US $3.3 million a few months ago, so half a million really isn't that much. However, the same Cobain auction also saw his famous green cardigan, worn during the filming of the band's seminal MTV Unplugged performance, go for US $334,000 ($488,172 locally). Not bad for something you could nab from Salvation Army, huh?


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