KRK Systems KRK8S Studio Monitor Subwoofer

Gibson AMI | | RRP: $659

It’s only fitting that as I’ve been discussing monitor and subwoofer use in this month’s issue, I have the new KRK8S active studio subwoofer turn up for me to have a look at. Now, when one thinks of a subwoofer, size usually comes to mind, as they generally are quite big, rather heavy and fairly taxing on the hip pocket. The KRK8S bucks all those trends and delivers results that will improve your personal monitoring space in your home studio too.


There are plenty of studio monitors out there that offer two and three-way drivers in large housings to ensure a full range and extended lower frequency response. This much we know, KRK even offer several for just this purpose. But, when you consider the home studio, there isn’t always the space to accommodate these sorts of speakers on the bench top, nor is there adequate space to sit back from these larger speakers to get the best sound from them. So, many small home studios end up with monitors that lack in the low range, or they try to make up for it by pushing the EQ within their speakers to create a false bottom-end that doesn’t really deliver the goods. Running a compact subwoofer like the KRK8S is the perfect solution for just this environment as it allows you 
to keep smaller speakers running fairly neutrally on your bench and make-up the low frequencies with a dedicated sub driver.


The 8-inch glass composite driver in this compact unit certainly delivers when it is called upon. Just like its larger counterpart, the KRK8S is capable of delivering high sound pressure levels without sounding muddy or chuffing air as it gets worked. The wide slotted front porting ensures airflow is natural and doesn’t create any unwanted noise. Nor does it call for a build-up of low frequencies in the bass trap beneath your desk as it projects further frontwards than it does to the rear. The best part of it is the overall size. You can squeeze this box into just about any setup, even the most compact of bedroom recording spaces. Slot it under the desk and you will never know it is there, until it is turned on.


You can mute the sub and simultaneously refresh the crossovers for the monitors with the use of an optional footswitch 
too, making it ideal for getting a reference point between hearing your mixes with and without a sub. I’ve got to say, this is going to be a big hit, even if it is rather small. 


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Hits and Misses


The perfect improvement to a simple pair of studio monitors

Nice and compact

Delivers low frequencies nicely with a balance crossover


Not ideal for use with larger monitors speakers