Perfectly Tuned Monitoring for Mix Hungry Producers

First announced at NAMM earlier this year, JBL have finally released the powerful JBL 7 Series, boasting four different models to work with any production environment.

Centrally amplified and tuned, the JBL 7 Series 708i and 705i Install Monitors are designed for multi-channel monitoring setups in various production environments, such as broadcast facilities and recording trucks. With power provided by either single or bi-amplifer channels, the Install Monitors can be integrated into multi-channel systems with centralised amplification and BBS BBU link Network Audio setups.


JBL's Powered Speakers, the 708p and 705p units, also offer built in DSP processing for integrated EQ and delay controls, as well as offering a concise two-way design to reduce interference with contrasting video displays.


The new JBL 7 series offers some of the best audio technology available, featuring low frequency transducers, 2409H high-frequency compression drivers, and JBL's patent-pending Image Control Waveguide driver technology. Constructed fom rugged birch plywood and featuring a specially braced and reinforced design to minimise interference, the JBL 7 Series looks set to hit the spot with producers around the world. 


For more information on the JBL 7 Series, check out their Australian distributors Jands