iZotope Ozone 6 Advanced Mastering Software Suite

Electric Factory | (03) 9474 1000 | www.elfa.com.au | RRP: $1099

There has always been limited options for high end mastering software suites. In recent years iZotope has become the new name to be added to that very select list. More recently, iZotope products have become readily available in stores within Australia, making sales and support all that much simpler. I got my hands on a copy of their new mastering suite, Ozone 6 Advanced. This is definitely going to change how I approach my plug-in use and how my mixes ultimately come to a final sound.


As with most things software based these days, there is more than one version of Ozone 6 available. The standard version comes with a big selection of tools including EQ, Dynamics, Exciter and the very powerful Maximizer plugin. This tool I just love, and find myself squeezing the absolute life out of my mixes at times when I get carried away with it, before dialling it back a little to realise I have achieved the biggest sound already.



Ozone 6 Advanced features a huge selection of additional tools not found in the standard version. At first, I thought there was enough, but once you get your hands on some of these additional processes you will be glad you went all out. Firstly, the newly added Dynamic EQ is a must. I am usually a lover of simple EQs, where I just use my ears and gently sculpt the sound with limited controls, but every now and then a technological beast like this just blows me away. The way that the EQ kicks in with dynamic punch is something that has to be heard, and changes the way I consider mixing in a number of areas. Combined with a further array of plugins, there is too much to even briefly touch on here. Put simply, when you consider all the time and effort you put into recording and mixing your music, it really deserves a package like Ozone 6 Advanced to ensure that the finished product is every bit as good as it can be.

Hits and Misses


Huge array of tools for mixing and mastering

Incredibly articulate sound

All new Dynamic EQ with great results


Fairly CPU heavy in some processes