Introducing Note Kitchen, a new search engine for chords and scales

Like Google, But For Music Theory

If music theory isn't your strong point, this one's for you: Note Kitchen is a brand new search engine designed to create visualisations of all those tricky chords and scales you just can't figure out on your own.

By typing the name of the troublesome scale or chord into the search bar, Note Kitchen will immediately generate a virtual keyboard highlighting the notes of said chord or scale. There's even a 'play' function, so you can hear how the notes should sound as well, acting as an essential practise tool for budding composers and music tutors.



While the website is still in development, a real time chord functionality is said to be on the way shortly. You can check out how Note Kitchen works in the above video. 


Keen to cook up some chords? Let's get saucy with Note Kitchen here