IK Multimedia releases Uno analogue monosynth

Boarding The Hardware Train In Style

Working with Italian synth veterans Soundmachines and one of the creators of Alesis' famous Andromeda Synth, Erik Norlander, software experts IK Multimedia have teamed up to bring the world the new Uno Monosynth.

Highly portable and affordable, the Uno offers users a broad and adaptable functionality in a sleek and optionally battery-powered package. With 100 out-of-the box presets, and a very compassionate learning curve, this analogue monosynth has a huge range of applications. Capable of creating sounds anywhere from your vintage classic analougue synth noises to more modern tones, the device comes with your staple two-oscillator setup, and high-low-band pass filter suite, as well as seven LFO waveforms, amp, filter and continous oscillation wavetables for modulation purposes. Whether you're an amateur working on a passion project, or a professional putting together a serious production, this could be the tool for you.



On the physical front, the Uno has a 27-note multitouch keypad that can be used to trigger notes chromatically, or be set to any one of the 13 lockable scales for note-writing purposes. Switch the pads over to the sequencer controller setting and you can use the pads to step edit the hundred-pattern sequencer, arppegiator or individual modulation parameters in real-time. Not only is it highly functional in its own right, but additionally the MIDI In/Out and audio input allow the Uno to be daisy chained to the rest of your setup or interface with your DAW via USB MIDI to make it a very useful programming tool in any synth arsenal or as a standalone creation station.


IK Multimedia is distributed in Australia through Sound and Music.