IK Multimedia are giving away a Moog-themed VST for free

One Bully You'll Be Pleased To See

IK Multimedia are offering their Bully bass synth VST for free to any punter who signs up to their newsletter prior to Thursday May 23.

The Syntronik Bully bass synth emulates the Moog Taurus I, II, and III, a series of pedal-powered bass synths produced by Moog throughout the '70s and '80s and used by the likes of Rush, James Blake and more. IK Multimedia's take on the Taurus fuses sampling and virtual modelling to recreate the distinctive booming low end of the coveted bass synth.




The Bully synth, which is usually valued at over $70, can be accessed for free between now and Friday May 23 by signing up to IK Multimedia's newsletter. However, you'll need to have a version of IK Multimedia's Syntronik Free program, which, as its name suggests, is totally free to download on both PC and Mac. 




Head to the IK Multimedia website to sign up to their newsletter and follow the instructions to recieve your version for free.


IK Multimedia is distributed in Australia via Sound And Music.