Ibanez reveal the new Bass Workshop EHB1000 series

Where's Your Head At?!

Ibanez have taken another bold step forward into headless territory with the launch of their new Bass Workshop EHB1000 range, which combine unique aesthetics with premium electronics to tantalise those who hold down the low-end.

Comprised of three models, including the multi-scale EHB1005MS, the headless EHB range is touted by Ibanez as being the "next-generation" of their bass manufacturing. They all feature chambered American basswood bodies and a five-piece roasted maple/purpleheart neck, as well as luxurious birdseye maple fretboards to make for a slick feel up and down the neck. 


Elsewhere, the EHB models feature passive Batolini BH2 pickups, a three-band EQ with variable midrange, MR5HS mono rail bridges with adjustable saddles and a finger ramp which can be easily detached. They're also emblazoned with Ibanez's  logo just above the fretboard/body join - just like those quirky headless basses from the '80s! 



Available in both four and five string variants, the Ibanez EHB range also comes in a range of finishes, including Black, Black Flat, Sea Foam Green Matte and White.


Head to Australis Music for more information on Ibanez products in the domestic market.