Converge Management

Melbourne based record label I OH YOU have announced that they are adding a new management arm to their company, named Converge Management. Led by I OH YOU’s Johann Ponniah and Scott Armstrong, the purpose of the new venture will be to manage and develop artists, producers and songwriters.

Furthermore, Converge have announced that their first signees as Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, The Belligerents, producer Konstantin Kersting, and Lewis Stephenson (The Belligerents/Confidence Man).


“I OH YOU has been something that has consumed the majority of my adult life and has allowed me to work with artists in a way that my teenage self used to dream of,” said Ponniah to themusic.com.au. “I’m really psyched to see it now expand in a manner that will allow us to work with artists that we love in a way that we haven’t been able to thus far. I’m really excited about the artists we’re working with and what the future holds for them.”


“Ultimately, our aim with Converge is to work with exciting artists who push the boundaries and are uncompromising in their pursuit of a creative vision,” said Armstrong. “In return, we plan to pair our previous experience from I OH YOU with a sense of innovation and enthusiasm towards each of the many roles which an artist management team takes on.”



For more information head to iohyou.com.