Concerns For The Iconic Sydney Venue

One of Australia’s most iconic live music venues could be at risk of becoming the headquarters for football teams in a worrying development for the Hordern Pavilion.

The Daily Telegraph reports that both the AFL’s Sydney Swans and the NRL’s Sydney Roosters are considering the venue as a potential headquarters as both teams look to acquire first class facilities. However, this would mean Sydney would lose one of their key live music icons should the Hordern become a football base when its current lease expires in 2021.


“We’ve got a lease for a fair bit longer on the venue,” said lease holder and Playbill managing director Michael Nebenzahl. “Our main concern with the Hordern is that it doesn’t get turned into something else.”


Nebenzahl commented that it would be a “tragedy” if the Hordern was to cease being a live music venue. The 93 year old Hordern Pavilion is a major part of New South Wales’ live music scene and has been especially important in supporting live music in the midst of Sydney’s lockout laws. 


We can only hope the Swans and Roosters find somewhere else to make their home base and allow the Hordern to continue its contribution to music in future.


(Photo: Peter Sharp)