The Golden Halfway Record

Brisbane’s eight-piece Halfway have, last week, released their new LP The Golden Halfway Record to critical acclaim.

Recorded in Nashville, The Golden Halfway Record features tracks that revolve around growing up in Rockhampton through the themes of longing and forgiveness. The band explains that "[Halfway] is like a face, showing all the stuff that the years have piled on. One day you’re just a kid, screaming around in the summer dark, and then you do what you do, roads less travelled or waking up in a ditch, but keeping on. Then every now and then, in the midst of it all, you look in the mirror and it’s all there. These albums are like those mirror moments."


The album, which was produced by the talented Mark Nevers, was met with critically acclaimed reviews. Andrew McMillen of The Australian rated it a glorious 5/5 stars, commenting that the record "pulses with effortless wisdom and depth…if you’ve ever enjoyed the combination of guitars, bass, drums, keys and vocals, you simply must hear this."

For more details, head to halfway.com.au.