Debut album Out Soon

UK’s defiant, hard hitting rap and metal exponents Hacktivist have teamed up with Heart Of A Coward frontman Jamie Graham to release a pulsating brand new version of ‘Deceive & Defy’.


In this new track the band have a bone to pick with the temperamental nature of success in mainstream music. “‘Deceive & Defy’ for me is an all-round impression of us as a band and what we stand for. You can't just buy your way into music – it takes blood, sweat and tears, something H know all about," says guitarist/vocalist Timfy James.


The five piece’s uncompromising approach has seen their popularity grow in leaps and bounds since the release of 2013's DIY, self-titled EP. It’s a release that fans in Australia should be familiar with after it captivated stages across the country as part of Soundwave 2014 - when it was still at the heights of its powers. 


Now the release of their debut album, Outside The Box, is fast approaching - it promises to be unrelenting in its lyrical fury and thrusting hooks. 





Outisde The Box is out March 4 via UNFD. For more information visit http://www.hacktivist.uk.com/.