Beats Washing Them

There's plenty of things that I'd rather do than doing the laundry. It's a laborious and tedious task that doesn't impress anyone else, or make me feel any better about myself as a person.

Amongst my least favourite items to wash is the humble sock. The most unremarkable of all the garments. It's there to protect my feet against the calouses caused by my shoes, that are there to protect my socks against the elements. They're usually almost entirely covered by the rest of my clothes, and if they aren't of a good quality they cerate an awful smell.

Still, it's nice to see someone with a different opinion. The guy behind The Sock Covers has recreated some of the most iconic and most memorable album covers of all time with sicks (of which he has plenty apparently). It's a peculiar form of procrastination, but at least it's one that everyone can enjoy.











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