Google is helping you make beats on your browser

Game Changer

As if Google haven’t made procrastination easy enough, they’ve just gone and launched a new beat-making in-browser program that will undoubtedly take up the better half of your morning.

Song Maker is Chrome’s new music lab designed to facilitate beatmaking for even the most inexperienced musicians. Simply clicking a button gives you notes across a full-screen grid, with each able to be transformed into synths, woodwind, strings, piano, and more. Users can change the tempo of their notation, add drum beats, and adjust the key as they please.


The program can be used with a MIDI keyboard, on your phone or tablet, or even just with your computer keyboard. Save your song when it's complete and you'll receive a link that lets you share your (obviously amazing) tune with the world.



Follow this link and try your luck at creating your very own beats.