Gojira guitarist gets blasted by pyrotechnics mid-set, returns to finish set

Can't Get Much More Metal Than That

Christian Andreu, guitarist for French heavy metal band Gojira, has luckily avoided a trip to ER after he was blasted by a jet of pyrotechnic flame during his band's set at Ohio's Sonic Temple Festival on Saturday.

Towards the end of the band's performance of their 2016 track 'Stranded,' Andreu can be seen recoiling and staggering offstage after a wayward plume of fire from their pyrotechnics setup was blown into his face by a gust of wind. 


Luckily, Andreu was not seriously injured by the scary mishap, and returned to stage in a matter of moments to conclude the band's set. Watch fan captured footage of the incident below. 




Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe, who also joined Gojira onstage at one point of their set, lauded Andreu in an Instagram post as "the hardest Frenchman alive," as well as detailing his staunch efforts to conclude the set - "I looked at him & he was still playing, mostly with his eyes closed, obviously hurting & looking PISSED OFF. In between songs he walked over & asked for water & threw it on his face."


Very, very metal indeed.


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