Out Today via Anti- Records

Grammy-nominated artist Glen Hansard has today released his new EP, which includes two much loved songs from his live set and two brand new tunes.

A Season on the Line is the new EP from Hansard, and features four songs, including, by popular demand, “Didn’t He Ramble” and “Way Back in the Way Back When”, which were staples of his live show, but weren’t included on his latest album. The EP is rounded out by “Let Me In” and “Return”, which were recorded in the sessions for his last album, Didn’t He Ramble.


If there was a word you could use to sum up Glen Hansard’s career, it would probably be ‘dynamic’. Not many artists have a CV similar to his: influential band member, successful solo artist, Grammy award nominee and Academy Award winner. Not to mention that the Broadway musical adaptation of his Academy Award winning song ‘Once’ won eight Tony Awards, including the top musical prize itself.


The EP will be released on vinyl on April 15, in anticipation of Record Store Day, and will be his fifth solo release.



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