Gibson announces Billie Joe Armstrong signature Les Paul Jr.

Another Signature Les Paul For The Green Day Frontman

Gibson have released a peek at the new 2018 Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Jr., a signature model based on the guitarist's previous LP Junior with some subtle tweaks to keep things fresh for the modern age.

Based on the classic barebones design of the '50s single cut Les Paul Jr., the 2018 Billie Joe Armstrong LP Jr. adds a twist to Armstrong's previous signature guitar with the iconic manufacturer. Swapping out the standard P90 for a single zebra '57 humbucker in the bridge position, the guitar also boasts an interesting pickguard design with a weirdly flat top edge, giving the guitar an asymmetrical appearance which is sure to resort your old high school maths teacher to tears.



With the exception of the pickguard and humbucker, the rest of the new Armstrong Signature LP Jr. is pretty similar to that of a regular Gibson model, with mahogany body and neck, vintage wrap-around bridge, a rosewood fretboard and the vintage deluxe tuners that you'd expect from this classic punk shredder. The guitar comes in three vibrant colours of Ebony, Maraschino Red and Sonic Blue, all of which are finished with nitrocellulose to help them age gracefully with time - just like Billie Joe has. 


Check out the full specs for the 2018 Gibson Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Jr. Signature here