Gear Rundown: Chris Cheney

‘Vintage Tone In Spades’

As the frontman of the acclaimed punk rock, rockabilly three-piece The Living End, Chris Cheney has made his stamp on modern Australian rock. At the forefront of the band’s sound are his thundering solos, full of licks, hammer ons and pull offs all produced with unrivalled speed and precision; every one sculpted by the vintage warmth and bite of his beloved Gretsch. We take a look at gear that has defined his career.


Gretsch G6136TLTV White Falcon 

Back in 2001, Cheney was riding high on the national and international success of Roll On, rocking this absolute gem of a guitar with some added mods – extra wood for a solid body, pickups dipped in wax to reduce feedback, and locking tuners.

Gretsch G6126TCC Chris Cheney Signature Model

On Gretsch’s 125th anniversary year, the vintage guitar manufacturer honoured Cheney’s prodigious talent and allegiance to the brand with his own signature model. The guitar features Cheney’s personal favourite TV Jones pickups, with a single cutaway body reminiscent of the 6120 model, and finished with Cheney’s go-to aged white body finish. 


Wizard Modern Classic 100-watt amp

Cheney discovered these vintage beasts when touring alongside AC/DC. They're made by Angus Young’s guitar tech and have also been used by Joe Perry from Aerosmith. Cheney was making one growl around the release of Roll On.


Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer

The widely used pedal was a key part of Cheney’s pedal board in 2001.

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay

With three delay-time modes and a handy loop function in the form of the Hold mode, this beauty of delay pedal has been regularly used by Cheney.

Here’s a guitar tutorial from Cheney, featuring a number of his trusted Gretsch’s:


Photo: Kerry Kissell