Flavor Flav Sues Public Enemy’s Chuck D, Managers & Producers

Claims That He Hasn't Been Paid In Years

Rapper Flavor Flav has initiated legal action against fellow Public Enemy co-founder Chuck D, citing unpaid royalties and unauthorised use of his image and voice.

Flav alleges that he hasn’t received a royalty check from any of the iconic hip-hop group’s music, live shows, or merchandise in several years. Claiming to have co-written more than 50 of the group's songs, he also states that Public Enemy’s latest album, Nothing is Quick in the Desert, which was released as a free download in June via Enemy Records – uses his voice and image without consent. Flav then requested $75,000 for the record, but only received $7,500 in payment.


Flav is involved in several legal proceedings, currently suing several other Public Enemy managers and producers - including Bomb Squad member Gary G-Wiz. The 58-year old claims he has not received compensation for Public Enemy action figures, which the producer allegedly was paid for by the toy company that created them, which also use Flav's image.


Chuck D and Flavor Flav action figures