Five tracks that Glass Tides are digging right now

Featuring The Cat Empire, Paramore, Post Malone & More

If you're a fan of classic emo / pop-punk, Glass Tides will rock your socks off. The young Adelaide quintet, who've cut their teeth on the touring circuit supporting the likes of Thrice, Circa Survive, Bodyjar and more, have just released their latest single 'Crawling', taking cues from Bring Me The Horizon and The Used to pen an anthemic slammer that'll make your eyes well up as you thrash about in the pit. To celebrate the release of 'Crawling', we hit up Glass Tides to find out about the tracks they've been listening to at the moment to capture a snapshot of the band as they continue upwards on their trajectory to pop-punk stardom.

Paul Bakker


Point North - 'Never Coming Home'



WHAT A JAM. Discovered this track on Spotify's Punk's Not Dead playlist and added it immediately to my daily rotation. Has a slight Sum 41 vibe, with a modern feel. Definitely check these guys out if you haven’t already! 


Post Malone - 'Circles'



This is the type of Posty that I love - it brings a bit of nostalgia when listening, like I’m back in high school watching a rom com! The track is just fun and makes you feel good. 


Oscar Lang


The Cat Empire - 'Miserere'



The Cat Empire as a group speak to me on a real deep level. I was introduced to them at a young age, but never truly came to appreciate them until late 2018. They are a group of genuine, talented Australian musicians that speak to me deep in my heart. 'Miserere' is the perfect example of a song that brings me down to its level and that's why I enjoy it. It employs metaphors throughout to drives its message home. Love it! 


Jack Chamber


Billie Eilish / Khalid - 'Lovely'



'Lovely' is truly a song deserving of the name. These two work together in perfect harmony to take me to a place where I can escape for a little while, and that really means a lot to me. The ad-libs compliment the main melody so well,but are still so subtle. The very basic piano chords/notes and whirling violins have such a beautiful contrast, but don’t overpower the main vocals. I absolutely adore this song, along with many others by the two very talented artists. 


George Solomon


Paramore - 'All I Wanted'



I think I fell of my chair the first time I heard the chorus for this song kick in. 'All I Wanted' starts with such vulnerability and builds into one of my favourite choruses. The dynamics throughout the song with the vocals are incredible. Never a dull moment with Paramore: the drum patterns are always so unique and Hayley’s voice is just perfection.



Glass Tides have just released their latest single 'Crawling' - watch the music video above and keep up to date with the band here