Fender launch new Silverburst finishes as Mod Shop option

But Not For Australia...

Perhaps cashing in on the hype of the new Tool record and Adam Jones' penchant for the finish, Fender have added Silverburst finishes as an option for Mod Shop users when creating custom guitars online.

While the Mod Shop is currently only available for US customers, it's an intriguing move from the manufacturer. The Silverburst finish is only limited to those models selected with alder bodies, and can be added to bespoke Stratocaster, Telecaster and Jazzmaster creations. 



Previously, Fender have played with Silverburst finishes on a limited edition FSR run from 2017. Tool's Adam Jones claims that the Silverburst finish adds "something to the tone or resonance or the polarity somehow," and while we're not entirely sold on that notion, it's still a very, very eye-catching look for a Strat.


Visit the Fender Mod Shop here