Fender debut the Red Mahogany Top Telecaster

The Second Addition To Its Rarities Collection

After mopping up the drool left over from last month's Flame Top Maple Stratocaster, Fender have outdone themselves once again by releasing the second model in its new Rarities Collection: the Red Mahogany Top Telecaster.

Boasting a deluxe two-piece grain filled ash body with a figured red mahogany top, the Rarities Mahogany Red Top Telecaster also features a one-piece Deep-C maple neck for speedy shredding up the high end of the fretboard. There's also speccy Custom Shop electronics, with a vintage-style extra-twangy bridge pickup and a CS Twisted Tele lipstick tube pickup in the neck position.



To add to the deluxe factor, the guitar also features gold hardware, a vintage-style bridge with three compensated bridge saddles and a vintage-style hardshell case.



Head to Fender Music Australia to find out more.