Fender celebrate Hendrix with the new Woodstock Custom Shop Stratocaster

Fifty Never Looked So Good...

In case you missed all the fanfare, last weekend marked the 50th anniversary of Woodstock; the original three day bender that went on to define an entire decade of music. Fender, in true Fender fashion, have celebrated the milestone occasion by launching a brand new Woodstock Custom Shop Stratocaster, modelled upon none other than Jimi Hendrix's iconic white 'Izabella' Strat.

The visage of Hendrix decked out in white beaded garb with his flipped Stratocaster is one of the most famous to come from Woodstock; even if his set was botched by technical difficulties and he played to a slim margin of the 400,000 punters who attended the event. While Fender have certainly created their fair share of Hendrix Signature Stratocasters in the past - there's a lot of them - it'd be a big missed opportunity if they let the anniversary of Woodstock slide. Thus, here we are. 



The Jimi Hendrix Custom Shop Woodstock Stratocaster is pretty much an exact replication of the specs of Hendrix's own '68 model - so don't expect anything groundbreaking. It's got an alder body with a two-piece maple neck and a big chunky headstock, as well as a three-ply parchment pickguard, 21 vintage style frets and an American Vintage sychronised tremolo system. 



Elsewhere, the Custom Shop Hendrix Stratocaster is loaded with three custom, hand-wound '69 single coil pickups which are wired to a traditional three-way blade switch. The guitar also comes with a whole swag of collectables, including a deluxe hardcase, custom guitar strap, a headband, coiled cable, a commerorative booklet and a Certificate of Authenticity. It's a vintage spec guitar that'll inspire greatness, but remember, Hendrix didn't have to pay Custom Shop prices for an instrument like this back in the '60s - the magic lays in your hands and heart, kiddos.


Have a geez at the Fender Custom Shop Woodstock Stratocaster here.