But There's More Than One Side to This Story

US extreme metal band The Faceless has cancelled their Australian tour due to what local promoter Soundworks Touring is calling ‘complete incompetency’.

In a statement posted on their Facebook page, Soundworks Touring confirmed the band’s cancellation and told of being 'continuously lied to, misled and left in the dark' as to the whereabouts of the band. Soundworks apologised to fans for the cancellation and offered to put those wishing to express their opinion in touch with the band and their management.


The Faceless responded to Soundworks’ statement with a statement of their own, written on behalf of the band by guitarist Michael Keene. The Faceless explain their absence is due to 'extenuating circumstances' including stolen equipment and cancelled flights, and expressed their disappointment of how the situation had unfolded.


Neither party appears particularly happy with the other but as to who is the cause of the cancellation, we'll continue to watch the story unfold.



Autotheism by The Faceless is out now on Sumerian Records.