Ernie Ball Music Man reveals Steve Lukather 25th Anniversary signature guitar

Play Like The Rains in Africa

Ernie Ball Music Man have announced a 25th anniversary signature LIII guitar in honour of Toto's founding member Steve Lukather.

The LIII is an "exciting culmination of past and present" design concepts, according to the Music Man website, and is fit with a new custom EBMM electronics package and limited to just 25 pieces worldwide. The highly exclusive signature sports a Bermuda Blue finish, a figured roasted maple neck, pearl inlays on the ebony fretboard, and a laser etched LIII logo on the headstock.



Typical Music Man technical quality characterises the rest of the guitar, featuring a brand new Ernie Ball Music Man custom bridge humbucker with an extra output in addition to the classic Cutlass single coils, paired with a five-way pickup selector with push/push volume control for gain boost.


Lukather is best known as the founding guitarist of Toto and a prominent collaborator on the second highest selling album of all time, Michael Jackson's Thriller. 


Ernie Ball Music Man is distributed in Australia through CMC Music.