Ernie Ball Music Man Limited Edition ‘Starry Night’ Finish Available This Month Only!

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Christmas has come early for many Ernie Ball Music Man players.

Once a year, Ernie Ball Music Man reveal a limited edition finish that is only open to order for 4 weeks. This year, the premier guitar manufacturer brings us Starry Night – a stunning blue sparkle burst finish.


The package also includes a figured, roasted maple neck with stainless steel frets atop an unmarked ebony fretboard – a first from Ernie Ball Music Man.


For a limited time only, customers can order any instrument, any model and any configuration they please, and have it built with the custom Starry Night finish. After the four-week ordering window (which starts now), the finish is then retired and never used again.


The finish is available on all instruments except Armada, Game Changers, BFR JP 6/7 String, JPX through JP16 6/7 String, BFR Luke, BFR Luke3 and the StingRay 40th Anniversary model. This offer is only available to select dealers apart of the Ernie Ball Music Man Premier Dealer Network.


Interested? Hit up CMC Music Australia to order your custom made instrument with the Starry Night finish. Head to for more details.