Elektron reveals newly updated Analog Heat MKII effects processor

Turning Up The Heat

The Swedish music tech masterminds over at Elektron have introduced a host of new updates to one of its most popular effects processors with the debut of the new-and-improved Analog Heat MKII.

The Analog Heat MKII is a stereo analogue sound processor offering eight distinct stereo analogue distortion circuits. Users won’t be short of choice with options for clean boost, tape-like saturation, tube amp-like enhancement, overdrive, crunch, distortion, harmonic fuzz or high gain.



Take any sound and send it through the device, add a touch of stereo analogue filtering and EQ, and simply sit back and listen as a range of wondrous effects unfold. The Analog Heat MKII’s sound card functions steps it up a notch with the ability to double as a two-in/two-out sound card, even while processing DAW audio.


Updates include tougher and more precise encoders, back-lit buttons, and a larger, sharper OLED screen.


For more information head to Innovative Music Australia.