Electro-Harmonix release the Tri Parallel Mixer

A Unique New Pedal From The Beloved Brand

Electro-Harmonix have unveiled the Tri Parallel Mixer, an interesting three-channel true bypass mixer to let you run three FX loops in parallel with one another.

In addition to its uses as a three-channel FX loop miser, the Tri Parallel Mixer can be utilised to split your signal across three destinations, or even to mix three audio sources into a single output. It's the perfect pedal for the gigging multi instrumentalist, and serves as a viable option for sending signals to various sources in the studio. 


As well as Send, Return, EQ and Phase controls for each channel, the Tri Parallel Mixer features both Master and Dry Volume knobs for enhanced control over the dynamics of your signal chain. There's also a XOR mode to let you hear all three channels simultaneously or individually in XOR mode. 


Check out a demo below:



Head to Electro-Harmonix's website for more details.