Electro-Harmonix release the S8 Multi-Output Power Supply

The New York Dons Expand Further Into The Market

Electro-Harmonix have ventured into pedal power territory with the brand new S8 Multi-Output Power Supply.

The space conscious power supply features eight individually regulated and short-circuit protected outputs which can lug the load of up to eight pedals. There's one 18v output with a maximum current pull of 150mA and seven 9V outputs with a current of 250mA. 


The EHX S8 is constructed with a dense metal chassis and weighs in at a featherweight 140 grams, while its slight dimensions (93.5mm x 42mm x 36mm) should allow you to squeeze it onto a pedalboard of any size. There's also eight power cables, which is the perfect amount to get started on the rig of your dreams - delicious.


Head to Vibe Music to find out more about EHX products in Australia.