Mangle Your Sound With Earthquaker's Latest Pedal

EarthQuaker Devices has shared their latest innovation, arriving in the form of a three-voice guitar synth, harmoniser, and modulator dubbed the Data Corrupter.

The Data Corrupter is a monophonic analogue phase-locked loop harmoniser with modulation. The pedal allows users to transform a guitar signal into a square wave fuzz tone, which is then modified to create a three-voice synthesiser.


Harmony is developed by dividing the sound source into eight intervals over three octaves, one of which is selected and created by the Master Oscillator. The harmony is then able to be manipulated by the Frequency Modulator through either the Glide or Vibrato modes. Subharmonic harmonies can also be created by the Data Corrupter, and voice mixer and levels are adjustable. 


Find out more in the demo video below.



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