EarthQuaker Devices announce Westwood overdrive pedal

A Mild-Mannered Gain Overdrive

With NAMM '18 on the horizon, Earthquaker Devices have announced they'll be re-releasing a range of their popular pedals while also unveiling their latest overdrive, the Westwood.

The Westwood is a light to medium gain overdrive, with extremely touch sensitive controls. It's versatile enough to cover a wide range of sonic ground to suit every player's needs - from tepid crunch to singing leads, the Westwood has more than enough virtue alone to ensure its place on your board. 


The pedal's four controls include level and drive, and forsakes the ubiquitous tone knob for both bass and treble controls (+/- 20 dB), allowing more artful tone-shaping to your heart's desire.



For more details on the range of EarthQuaker pedals, head to, or