Melbourne’s The Drones have released a brand new video for their single ‘Boredom’, the third track to be featured on their seventh studio album, Feelin’ Kinda Free.

Feelin’ Kinda Free really follows suit with the impressive image that The Drones have painted for themselves since their 1997 incarnation. Getting incredible airtime on the likes of Double J and respected independent radio station RRR, it’s certainly worth giving a listen. The Sydney Morning Herald added to these accolades, stating that ‘Gareth Liddiard’s lyrics are pungent and brutally straight in the…ironically titled [album]…this return is a timely reminder there’s still nobody quite like The Drones’.


The music video for ‘Boredom’, directed by The Drones themselves and Chris Matthews of Defero Productions, is shot in locations across Tokyo and Melbourne. Partly taking place at a hen’s night, the video both celebrates and mourns the universal power of deep suburbia to afflict the comfortable, and, comfort the afflicted.