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Drummers always take the longest to set up, and always take up the most room. Like a lot of equipment, drums have gone through trends of small and big sizes to the point where almost anything is acceptable, but it seems that the quality and design of production with smaller kits has really jumped forward in leaps and bounds. No longer just toys or puny in sound, ‘traveller’ drum kits have become a viable instrument for gigging and recording – not just home, rehearsals and situations where you ‘can’t be stuffed’. Jumping into the ‘traveller’ market recently is the Dixon Jet Set Plus…



Cracking open the Jet Set the first thing that hit me was the classy orange sparkle finish. Hip without looking too raunchy, it adds a funky vibe to an already funky looking mini kit. Size wise the setup comes as a four piece kit with 12 x 16 bass drum, 6 x 8 and 6 x 10 toms and a 4.5 x 12 snare, or an additional 10 x 12 floor tom in the fi ve piece version. Hardware is of the single braced variety and consists of a bass drum tom mount, hi hat stand, kick pedal, cymbal stand and floor tom legs (in the  five piece).  Enter the Jet Set’s uniqueness with an extra long tom mount that can be extended up to standing height meaning you can forgo a drum stool and play standing up – cocktail kit style. Clever indeed and an interesting alternative to the traditional sitting arrangement, especially if space is an issue. Dixon have used nine ply Mahogany shells for the Jet Set Plus and incorporated another interesting idea with the use of traditional heads on one side and mesh heads on the other. This gives you the option of tuning the top heads normally or flipping the toms over for  quiet practice (plus they’ve included silencing pads for the snare and cymbals) or even adding triggers and going electronic.




I must say I’m pretty impressed with the Jet Set Plus. It looks cool, which you might not think matters much but seriously, who wants to play something they don’t like the look of? The mesh and skins combination is also clever, giving you a traditional drum sound and a practice or silent option – again all in one so no need for two different kits.

Hits and Misses



Mesh heads/normal skins option

Standard and cocktail setup options

Looks great


Slightly limited tuning range