Acoustic Furniture

As if the delicate art of appropriately setting up a studio space wasn't already tenuous enough, Portugese company Vicoustic have released their new Acoustic Furniture line, a range of pemium studio desks designed specifically to maximise the the acoustic potential of your studio space.

This range of products is comprised of three separate designs that cater to three distinct areas of music production. The first of the three is the Wing Desk. This is built with MDF and gives you a large rigid space to work on. The desk is fitted with cable runways and adjustable spaces for monitor speakers, enabling you to keep a clean and usable workspace.


Accompanying the Wing Desk is the Wing Rack, and adjustable add-on built to house outboard effects and make them accesible to you at all times. Movability and functionality are key to the Wing Rack.


Finally, and perhaps most intiguingly, comes the Wave Desk. A minimal desk created to ensure you get the most out of your recording process. It's built to enhance the acoustic environment, not only due to the contours of the desk, but also the materials used in its construction. The legs and desk are filled with a patented foam that regulates and tame sthe bass frquencies present in the room, ensuring your sound is always as managable as it can be.




It's a bold innovatoin, for more information about it head to