From New Album

Acclaimed California based band Deafheaven have released their new single ‘Brought to the Water’

The single will feature on the band's forthcoming album New Bermuda, the highly anticipated follow up to 2013’s Sunbathe, which the New York Times heralded as ‘an extremely seductive album’.


The album will continue to see Deafheaven offer up an incredibly innovative sound, infusing the genres of black metal, hypnotic shoe gaze and the aural atmospherics of progressive rock. The single ‘Brought to the Water’, with its intensifying interplay between dissonance and melody, offers an ideal introduction to the sound of New Bermuda, the next developmental step forward for the band.


Vocalist George Clarke explains that Deafheaven ‘wanted to share [the track] first because it gives a good idea of the overall sonic tone of the record’. 



New Bermuda is set for release on October 2 via anti- records.