Darkglass Electronics launch the Mictrotubes X Ultra bass driver

The Ultimate Bass Buddy

Darkglass Electronics are renowned by many to be the Gs of the bass pedal world. They're looking to affirm that even further with the release of the Microtubes X Ultra bass driver, a stacked effects unit featuring a six-band EQ and built-in compressor.

In addition to a compressor and six-band EQ, the Microtubes X Ultra is complete with two variable low-pass and high-pass filters, which contribute to the meaty tone of the pedal without the annoying rumble and blown-out sound of an overdriven bass signal. The high-pass filter features CMOS distortion to interact with the mid-range and high frequenices of your signal, while the low-pass side remains clean and is processed by the inbuilt compressor. 



Elsewhere, the Microtubes X Ultra features a balanced XLR output with impulse response cabinet simulation, as well as switchable distortion and bypass. There's also an auxiliary input and headphone output, as well as nifty LED controls to navigate your way around the pedal while onstage.  


Head to the Darkglass Electronics website to suss out all the details.