ScotDracula Side Project

ScotDracula’s Matthew Neumann has creative zeal in spades. His new project Cosmic Rays is synth-focused, lush and colourful. So too, the new clip for single ‘Teen Bank Robbers On Heroin’.


The project was born from a 2015 ScotDracula hiatus, coupled with Neumann's strong creative pulse – an endeavour to explore different creative forms that has fuelled multiple releases, a vibrant photography portfolio, a growing list of music video clip credits and a zine collection.  


In his own words Neumann “wanted to try something starkly different from previous projects and wound up with a some kinda fucked up mix between the Talking Heads, Bauhause and Mike Jones.”


The actual clip itself features good friend and prominent Melbourne musician Ashley Bundang (Totally Mild, Zone Out) and Toby Marsh, and was shot in Thornbury with the assistance of partner, Georgia Friend. It explores the wave of emotions that come with falling deeply in love with someone: the immediacy, chaos and thoughtlessness in all its beauty.





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