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Continuing on with the mini/travel craze, Cordoba have taken the idea of a portable, smaller sized guitar, whacked a set of nylon strings on it and have gone with a normal acoustic string spacing to retain a more standard guitar feel. With this point of difference the Mini R could be more than just a fun/travel/mini instrument.


Essentially the Mini R is a travel guitar with the neck and string spacing of a full sized guitar, but with a reduced body size making it… well travel sized! Solid Spruce is the wood of choice for the Mini R’s top. Some hip minimalist body binding and rosette gives it a cool relaxed vibe. 



Sitting somewhere in the travel/ mini guitar vein, the Mini R  is (obviously) a smaller sized  guitar making it compact, light  and easy to carry around and  transport. This will be a godsend for those with larger hands or players that like the concept  of the mini guitar, but struggle  getting their fingers around  a smaller scaled instrument.  Tuned up a 4th from standard  guitar tuning (A D G C E A),  you can play the same licks  and chord shapes as usual, but  you get a higher tone from  the guitar almost sounding  like a ukulele or a mandolin at  times. It sort of has the effect  of playing with a capo up the  neck of standard tuned guitar,  great for something different  but not completely foreign that  you can’t play and get a typical  guitar sound.



Tone-wise, the Little R has  plenty of gusto for strumming  or picking, and the increased  string spacing does add some  air of familiarity for guitarists.  Whilst the novelty of playing a smaller guitar is often fun with having to get around a smaller instrument, and ultimately making some fingerings easier, it is a compromise on the technique you’ve worked hard on. This is where the Little  R will be a hit with plenty of  players who just can’t quite  manage the mini thing. I’m also a fan of the nylons strings, as with the reduced body size and higher tuning, you get a snappy higher response that works well.  

Hits and Misses


Wide neck will please those with big hands

Cool tones with the higher tuning

Portable, easy to manage


Some player may not like the wider string spacing on a travel guitar


• Top: Solid Spruce
• Binding & Bridge: Indian Rosewood
• Back & Sides: Indian Rosewood
• Width at Nut: 50mm
• Number of Frets: 18