Cinematically Inspired

Clark’s score for the Sky Atlantic crime thriller The Last panthers emanated a consuming darkness, a buckling sonic universe, rarely softened in its intensity. The release of the same name from Clarke channels these vulnerabilities in a standalone album, a feat that has become popular amongst renowned composers.


In creating a seamless listening experience Clark first had to confront the 60 tracks already composed, and the challenge of deriving from them a tangible release. “I felt like I had to rescue it from being a conventional exposition of the music in the series, so I went on an immense chiselling/editing mission and also started writing new material,” he says.


“I think it works as a standalone album, it's a continuous slab of liquid melancholy, it resonates through harmony and texture. Rhythm felt less important.”


In recent times the likes of Mica Levi, Mogwai, Jon Hopkins and Ólafur Arnalds have all swayed into the soundtrack genre. With The Last Panthers, Clark is the latest to master both the score and the soundtrack.





The Last Panthers is out March 18 via Warp / Inertia. For more information visit