From The Forthcoming Album Never Alone

Brisbane hardcore band Kings have just released a new track, 'Stone Cold', ahead of their debut album Never Alone, which is out on May 12.

In just 12 months, the band have launched two singles - ‘Lionheart’ and ‘Stand Up’, as well as playing shows alongside Dream on Dreamer and I Set My Friends On Fire. The new single ‘Stone Cold’ has a dark and moody video clip to it which follows the tough subject matter of the lyrics. Vocalist Nat Cochran reveals that the song was written from a dark time in his life.


"This song was written from a time where a close friend continued to let me down over and over again," said Cochran. "Drugs amongst other things began to change his life and his outlook towards myself and those around him. Lies and false rumours came from him until it reached a point where I had to cut him out of my life."



Never Alone will be released on Friday May 19. For more information head here.