Check out Joe Bonamassa's bizarre Lucite Fender Twin amplifier

Taking Transparent Tone To A Whole New Level

Blues shred head and noted gear fiend Joe Bonamassa has taken to Instagram to share an image of his new Fender Twin amplifier - made almost entirely from transparent Lucite.

In the post's caption, Bonamassa claims the transparent Twin, which is loaded with two 12" custom Celestion JB-85 speakers and LED fittings at the bottom, might just be the only Lucite variant in existence, and thanked the folks at Fender for taking a punt on this wildly adventurous build.





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Although the guitarist already has two different Fender signature amps, we really can't see Fender taking this one onto the assembly line, and it's fair to say it's probably just a cool prototype. Nevertheless, it's very cool being able to see the guts of the amp on display like that.




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