Chase Bliss unveil the magnificent M O O D

An Ambient Dream

Boutique effects trailblazers Chase Bliss have released what could quite possibly be the prettiest pedal of the year with the M O O D, a two channel granular micro-looper / delay which promises to immerse you in dreamy ambient textures until the end of time

Billed by Chase Bliss to be a 'study of interaction', the M O O D is designed to allow audio to freely pass back and forth between its two channels, creating micro loops which evolve, transform, decay and disintegrate with every cycle. The M O O D features a loop channel envisioned by none other than Belgian mastermind Drolo FX (the mind responsible for the awe-inspiring Stretch Weave), while Old Blood Noise Endeavors name is pinned to the wet channel of the pedal, offering a suite of immersive spatial effects to provide players with a multifaceted sonic odyssey every time.


The M O O D provides players with three different routing options to record and time-stretch their loops with ease, offering a plethora of functions to endlessly transform their loops into unrecognisable, eerie ambient textures. Whether you want to create a haunting reverse guitar loop, chirpy birdsong, detuned atonal chaos or pitch bending cascading harmonies, the M O O D is right in your ballpark. 



As per usual, the Chase Bliss M O O D features a range of modifiable presets via its inbuilt dip switches, as well as preset implementation and MIDI support. Check out the video below to get an understanding of exactly what this pedal offers - we can guarantee you'll be blown away.




Visit Chase Bliss to find out more and order a M O O D today!