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The Talisman Reverb from Catalinbead is a plate reverb effect pedal. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of a ‘plate reverb’, essentially it’s one of the older forms of artificial sound reverberation used for recording.

It involved a plate that’s reverberated in accordance with the signal from the transducer. It’s a simple concept, and it generated a reverb sound that prevailed in the era of analogue effects, until the market was flooded with digital reverbs. Plate reverbs were typically big and less portable than their digital counterparts, but now that’s not necessarily the case. The Talisman Reverb is 479.99% smaller than the leading plate reverb on the market. With a goal to produce a genuine plate reverb sound within a manageable housing, Catalinbread have employed studio style sidechain effects that are routinely paired with plates.


If you go back and listen to iconic reverb heavy 70s tracks from bands like Pink Floyd you’ll head the raw analogue beauty of the plate reverb in action. It’s a sound that we all love, however few of us have the space to keep a 2 meter long steel plate reverb unit in our homes, let alone have the ability to bring one to gigs. This is absolutely the pedal for lovers of that classic reverb sound.


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