Catalinbread release limited edition Dirty Little Secret Red Mod pedal

A Plexi-Style Pedal For Purists

Catalinbread have unveiled a limited edition variant of their Dirty Little Secret overdrive, modifying the original to offer players a more refined set of gain stages.

Riffing off their super popular ‘Plexi-style’ overdrive pedal, the moded Dirty Little Secret MkIII features a more refined set of gain stages that boosts punch and clarity, making it the perfect performance companion.



The pedal’s Super Lead and Super Bass offer two distinct voicings that are switchable via an internal slider switch, and treble, middle and bass tone controls allow for additional tweaking.


A removable plate allows for further fine tuning of high treble frequencies via a hidden Presence trim-pot, enusring you've got full tonal flexibility over the nuances of your effect.


More information is available at the Catalinbread website.