CAD U37 USB Microphone

Dynamic Music | (02) 9939 1299 | | RRP: $149

As portable recording has become more prevalent, so too have USB Microphones that can plug straight into a computer or tablet for quick recording and broadcasting. Hailing from Ohio, CAD Audio has been making microphones for many years and boast a fair selection of models for a range of applications, so it makes sense they’d have something in the USB realm too. Let’s check out the U37.


The U37 is lightweight, yet feels fairly strong with the casing and grille protecting it against any minor bumps or knocks. A cardioid condenser microphone, the U37 features a straightforward design with a 0 or -10db switch and flat/bass roll off switch for quick adjustments. Standard looks all round for the U37, with the exception of the USB input on the base replacing the standard 3 mic pins. A desktop stand and a long USB lead (10 ft) is included meaning you’re good to go almost instantly.


Most people would think of broadcast/podcast and multimedia uses when seeing a USB mic (with the implication that it’s that way inclined thanks to the direct computer connectivity) and I’d think that’s a great starting point. Mounted to the included stand, it sits comfortably on a desk and its cardioid nature means it’s got strong directivity to the user with a little ambient pickup to the left and right. Voice work for podcasts or quick videos, or getting down ideas straight to your laptop are easy without too much spill from the rest of the room. The U37 is quite sensitive and clean as a starting point and the bass roll off switch can negate some room boominess too if needed. Additionally the -10db cut switch will also aid in reducing hot signals and loud sound sources.

The Voice

As a vocal mic the U37 won’t compete with big budget numbers, but as an entry priced condenser it’s a good starting point for recording enthusiasts, songwriters, home podcasters and anyone needing something inexpensive with USB connectivity. It’ll handle singing and voice work but also could be setup for capturing live performances of voice and guitar (for example where a super wide range or directivity isn’t necessary).

Caddy Shack

Easy to use, good response and suitable for a range of purposes, the U37 ticks a lot of boxes in the budget microphone market. Realistically it’s not designed for heavy duty tour use or super high fidelity situations, but at this price point it will appeal to a certain user and occasion and does a fine job for that.  

Hits and Misses


Easy to plug in and play

Wont break the bank


Not heavy duty