Brendon Urie shares metal version of Panic! At The Disco song during Fortnite stream

There's a Headline We Didn't Expect

Dropping a long-lost metal version of one of your band’s songs in the middle of a video game stream isn’t the most conventional song release, but it sure is effective.

Brendon Urie, the frontman of Panic! At The Disco, has done exactly that, sharing the band’s metalcore take on ‘The Calendar’ in the middle of a Fortnite stream. Urie notes this particular version of the track was recorded in 2010, with the original version of the song included as a track on 2011’s Vices & Virtues.



In a recent interview with Rock Sound, Urie briefly mentioned the recording. "I want to do a metal project in particular,” he said.



“I actually just played something for my band mates recently. We have an old song called ‘The Calendar’ and I made a metal version of it from years back. It’s like 90 seconds long and is really fun. Who knows, I might even put that out on SoundCloud on a whim some time soon.”


Or, you know, release it on Fortnite.


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