Disco and Funk are Back

Boulevards has all the style in the world, a slick R&B set of pipes and a boogie-based approach to writing tunes. He takes note from Prince and Rick James. His new single, ‘Up On Your Love’, bass and percussion heavy, all rhythm and groove.


The single is a follow up to the saucy ‘Cold Call’ and is the second track to be lifted from Boulevard’s debut album Groove!. It’s a tracklist that returns feet to the dance-floor, offering soul, funk, disco and old-school hip-hop elements with precision and vigour. In this fashion ‘Up On Your Love’ taps into the work of fellow contemporaries like Pharrell and Breakbot, with all the bounce and bop one can muster for a Saturday night session.


Growing up with a R&B Radio DJ as a father, Boulevards a.k.a. Jamil Rashad was introduced to jazz, blues and R&B from an early age. In his teens he embraced the local punk and metal scene in his hometown of Raleigh, NC, eventually doing the full circle and returning to his beloved funk. With an eclectic musical background and a talent for dropping infectious grooves, Boulevards is one to keep an eye on.





Groove! is out April 1 via Captured Tracks / Remote Control.  For more information visit