Virtual Percussion Designed For Acoustic Musicians

BOSS have announced their drum machine solution for acoustic musicians with the release of the DR-01S Rhythm Partner.

Providing organic percussion sounds to accompany acoustic instruments, the BOSS DR-01S is an all-in-one drum machine complete with a high-quality sound system and user-friendly interface. The machine boasts seven instrument categories with dedicated patterns able to be layered with others in real time, and allows users to save up to 50 rhythm combinations.


Assigned buttons manage beats and variations, with additional controls for volume, tempo and time signature changes further enhancing your unplugged performance.


Optional footswitches facilitate control of sounds and functions during live performance, while the DR-01S offers further versatility with a line-out to connect to a speaker or amp, and an aux-in to enable use with an audio player.



For more details on the BOSS DR-01S Rhythm Partner drum machine, check out BOSS Australia.