Boss envisions the future of the loop pedal with the new RC-10R

The Boss Is Back, Baby!

Boss have offered punters at Summer NAMM in the US with a first glimpse of the new RC-10R Rhythmic Loop Station, combining looping functionality with a range of rhythm presets to offer a total band-in-a-box solution.

Featuring an inbuilt rhythm section with 16 drum kits and a whopping 280 presets, you'll be spoilt for choice with the versatility offered by this funky little red box - whether you're looking forr a boom-bap beat or something totally wild, it looks like this bad boy's got you covered. 


The RC-10R also boasts the capacity to record up to six hours of looped passages, as well as stereo looping capabilities across two tracks. There's also a Micro B USB port to connect the unit to your computer to send and save loops, and there's even MIDI In/Out via mini jack connection to hook it up to a larger, more elaborate setup. There's even room to store up to 99 loop phrases, as well as 50 user rhythms, which is more than enough for bedroom bandits and onstage stars alike. 



Hit up the Boss website for further details.